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Create a Capability and Qualifications statement

What is a capability statement?

A capability statement is like a resume for your business. It is a quick and easy way to introduce your business to agencies and partners. A capability statement is a best practice process for any business but is technically only required for construction contracts in order to work with the Unified Government.

Why do I need a capability statement?

Having a strong capability statement shows government agencies that you know the contracting process and are ready to grow your business. A good capability statement will help you win more contracts with the Unified Government.

How can I create a capability statement?

A capability statement should run 1 to 2 pages and describe your branding, core skills, past experiences, and details like your NAICS and NIGP codes and professional certifications. Use bullet points and stay concise to ensure the statement is quick and easy to read. There are many resources online that can help you build this statement. Start by summarizing your skills and detailing your certifications, education, and other accomplishments. Provide a reverse chronological timeline of your job history, including titles, responsibilities, and time spent at each position.

A project-based resume or capability statement can be a great way for small businesses to showcase their work. Provide a timeline of clients and projects performed. Agencies use this information to determine if your background matches your bid.

For more information on capability statements, reach out to your local PTAC or Toolbox office for assistance.

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Ask for References

Why should I ask for references?

References are an important part of the bid evaluation process and are a requirement for many state and federal certifications. The Unified Government uses references to determine if a business lives up to its reputation and to ensure that taxpayer money is spent wisely.

How do I ask for and show my references?

If you have a good track record of projects, reach out to customers who can speak to your best work. Try to showcase work that aligns with the contract you are bidding on. References can be provided as a list of previous client contact information or a form letter from each previous client. The format of the references required will depend on the individual contract you are bidding on.

How many references should I have?

Though each contract’s requirements will differ, you will want to have a solid list of at least three (3) references ready before you begin the bidding process. Assembling a reference list can take some time, so it’s important to stay proactive and reach out to past customers on a regular basis. Be sure you have permission from a previous client before you list them as a reference.