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Find and Respond to Bids and Opportunities

What are bids and RFPs?

Bids and RFPs (Request for Proposal) are two common ways the Unified Government solicit goods and services from vendors or contractors. Each bidding opportunity or RFP is described in detail on the Purchasing website.

  • A bid refers to the process where contractors submit their offers to provide goods or services to a government agency. Bids usually focus on pricing and the ability to meet specific requirements outlined by the UG. Bids are evaluated, and the contract is awarded to the bidder who best meets the criteria.
  • An RFP is a document issued by the Unified Government to solicit proposals from potential vendors for a project or service. The RFP outlines the project's objectives, scope, requirements, and evaluation criteria. It serves as an invitation for vendors to submit proposals detailing how they would approach the project, their qualifications, and pricing.

Why do we use bids and RFPs?

In order to ensure fairness to all businesses, the exact terms of each bid and opportunity are listed and followed throughout the purchasing process. Following the steps of the bid carefully is crucial to ensure your proposal is given the best chance at winning the bid.

How do I find new bids and opportunities?

Finding new bids and opportunities is easy! They are listed on the Purchasing website. You can also register with the Unified Government to be notified when new opportunities are available.

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