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Do Your Homework

Before you submit a bid, make sure you have done your homework and met with the right people.

Learn about what types of goods and services the UG Buys

What does the Unified Government buy?

Purchasing usually falls into one of three categories: . Projects and services the UG needs to maintain and improve the community and its environment are purchased through the bidding process known as procurement. Procurement is responsible for obtaining bids through advertising and direct solicitation, establishing agreement contracts, and issuing purchase orders. 

Purchasing usually falls into one of three categories: construction, goods and services, and professional services.

  • Construction contracts are issued for new buildings and improvements. 
  • Goods and services contracts are designed to allow the UG to obtain raw materials and other items to maintain the city’s environment. 
  • Professional services are common business services like marketing, accounting, etc., that the UG may require to supplement government services.

Why does the Unified Government use this process?

Obtaining services and bidding contracts allows the UG to maintain a fair and equitable process that allows businesses the opportunity to do work for their government and ensures transparency for its citizens.

How can I learn more about what the UG buys?

You can learn more about what types of goods and services the UG buys through the Purchasing website.

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Talk to the Procurement Department

Why should I talk to folks in the Procurement Department?

UG staff are always happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions, and the UG looks to vendors like you for innovative ideas.

Meeting with UG department representatives also helps put a face to a name, which can help during the bidding process. It’s also a great way to learn about upcoming opportunities and resources.

What is the best way to reach out to them?

Make sure to do your research before you meet with a department representative. Learn what the department does and how they typically handle contract work. This can help you formulate good questions to ask the department representative.

If you are a small vendor, you should ask what kind of experience is needed for a particular contract or if there are any other special requirements. Your first point of contact should always be procurement to make necessary introductions.

  • Phone: (913) 573-5440
  • Fax: (913) 573-5444

Attend a Pre-Bid Meeting

What are Pre-Bid Meetings?

Pre-Bid Meetings allow potential contractors to ask questions and obtain information about major Purchasing projects.

Why should I attend a Pre-Bid Meeting?

You should plan to attend any pre-bid meetings for your opportunities in order to ensure you are putting your best foot forward pre-bid. These meetings give you the opportunity to learn about projects and ask questions before your bid is submitted.

How can I learn more about upcoming Pre-Bid Meetings?

The Pre-Bid Conference Schedule can be found here.