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Know Your Numbers

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and identify your industry codes

Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

What is an Employer Identification Number?

An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is like a Social Security Number, but for your business. You might also see an EIN referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number, FTIN or TIN. It helps both you and those you do business with identify your business as a unique entity.

Why does my business need an EIN?

US businesses require an EIN for a variety of reasons. An EIN helps the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, identify your business quickly and easily. If you want to do business with the City or any other governmental agency, you will need an EIN to complete various forms and applications.

How do I obtain an EIN?

EINs are easy to obtain and entirely free. They are issued by the IRS. The application to obtain an EIN can be completed online. Simply visit the IRS Website - Employer ID Numbers and click “Apply for an EIN Online."

You can also apply for an EIN via fax, mail or phone, but the process will generally take a little longer. The directions for each of these methods can be found on this page.

Be sure to download, save, and print the EIN letter (include sample photo) right away. If you lose or misplace this document, you will have to contact the IRS to re-issue the letter by mail.

How long does it take to obtain an EIN?

The online application to obtain an EIN takes a matter of minutes. After you have completed the application successfully, an EIN will be issued to you right away. However, please note that the online EIN service is only available on weekdays between 6 AM and 9 PM Central Time.

Applying for an EIN via fax takes about a week, while applying by mail takes between four to five weeks.

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Identify Your Industry Codes

What are industry codes?

NAICS and NIGP Codes are numbers that classify what type of business you operate. 

Industry codes, such as NAICS and NIGP codes, are numbers that describe what your business does. For example, if your business is a barber shop, then your NAICS code is 812111 and your NIGP code is 95210.

Business Licensing and Occupation Tax in the UG use NAICS codes. The UG’s procurement division uses NIGP codes, so if you plan to work with the UG, you will need to identify both.

Why do I need my industry codes?

It is important to correctly identify which industry codes apply to your business. Cities and other governments use industry codes for things like taxation and licensing. You will likely encounter many government forms that require an industry code as you run your business. After you sign up, your DotteBiz profile saves your codes for future reference.

How do I determine my NIGP codes?

A simple code discovery tool is available through DotteBiz! Sign up for your DotteBiz profile to search for your NIGP codes. You can also determine your NAICS and NIGP codes in just a few clicks when you register as a supplier through the purchasing website. Select up to three codes that most accurately describe what your business does.

Get a DUNS Number

What is a DUNS number?

A DUNS number is a unique identifier for your business. You’ll need to provide your business’s DUNS number before you can bid on UG contracts.

DUNS numbers are issued by a private company, Dun & Bradstreet. When you request a DUNS number, Dun & Bradstreet starts a record for your business that is similar to a credit report.

Why do you need a DUNS number?

The City as well as banks and other businesses may use the information maintained by Dun & Bradstreet to help them decide whether to work with you.

How to get a DUNS number

You can obtain a DUNS number for free by visiting the Dun & Bradstreet Website.